South Forbes Makati sandstone

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This South Forbes Makati home is clad in a locally mined sandstone. The owner envisioned a tropical home, in the style of sprawling villas found in Hawaii, which the owner wanted to capture for this home. Perma vacation home in the middle of Makati’s insanity.

The stone mined in Luzon is largely done in traditional methods like our ancestors used to do in ancient times. By using this style of masonry, we are keeping the tradition alive. These crafts have to be preserved or we will lose it. Most of the granolithic and traditional ceramic producers were trades that have become extinct due to China’s world domination.

The stone industry is at risk of being lost as well, if we do not choose to use it in our architecture. One day soon, stone craftsmen may die out as well. Then, all there will be are China tiles which are merely “copy stones”. It will be a great shame if we allow fakes to take over, making authenticity a thing of the past.

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