California Brown Slate

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This work completed about 7 years ago by Leandro Locsin and Partners is a modern interpretation of the founder’s inclination to begin his buildings with sloping earth inspired elements. Gradually emerging from below ground, there is then a meeting upwards with floating boxes levitating like magic over the earth. This architectural tradition is continued by the present generation of architects, obviously expressing a reinterpretation of Architect Locsin’s signature gesture.

In this case, the lower base is not sloping like the Holy Family Chapel in Novaliches or the CCP. This project reinterprets the dark element into pyramidal slanted elements, wraping all lower walls including posts and fences. The unified concept seems, also, to be influenced by the traditional Bahay Na Bato, which is always a source of inspiration, whenever a modernised Filipino concept is desired.

The Kaufman California Brown Slate which we first introduced in the market has been a continuous best seller for over 15 years. I believe this is the case because the brown tone is reminiscent of Araal, a very familar architectural finish in traditional homes. The Kaufman California is almost identical except for its size. Araal only comes in crazy cut or small sizes like 15x15cm, while Kaufman Slate comes in 60×60, 60×120, with special orders in 70x150cm.

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