bali white sandstone

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This early work by Architect Ed and Lizzy Ledesma uses Kaufman Bali white sandstone, also know as Palimanan. The sandstone, as the name suggests, is from Bali. If you have been there, the material would be familiar to you, as almost all resorts would use it very generously. The Indonesians are proud of their culture, especially their natural stone materials. You will hardly find tiles and plastic, unless it is a commercial establishment. To them, natural elements, and the history they suggest, is an integral part of their architectural heritage.

This Dasmarinas house which is approaching 20 years since its completion is one of my favorite projects. I love the simplicity of the material pallet, and how it allows the masterful architectural design to stand out. Our material serves as a neutral blank slate for life to unfold. When a single color of stone is used for the walls, fence, cladding and floor, the material almost disappears, and the play of light and sculptural form are brought forward to play a more prominent role in the architectural narrative.

Seeing the owner invest in stone, and how committed they were preserved the house in all its glory. Most other houses would have been due for a renovation 10 years ago, and certainly on the 20th year. But since the architect and owner chose well, they saved millions. By prolonging the lifespan of the house, they did so many times over.

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