Kaufman travertine

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This Forbes residence clad in Kaufman Travertine may not be familiar to you, even though you think you know every work of its famed architect by heart.

The architect, Ed Calma, in this creation, shows his abilty to morph his work into unexpected direction with ease.

Just when you thought you knew his architectural grammar, Calma produces a building that destroys your preconception of what a “Calma” should look like.

We all recognize his works as being a continuation of the Lor Calma legacy of geometric modernist boxes, cleanly delivering luxury and craftmanship within the discipline of paired down slabs and lines. What we never expected is a traditionally pitched roof, not far-departing from the neighboring houses with similar roof lines. Though this gesture is very foreign to his architectural style, he pulls it off with great mastery. His decision to take the house in this direction may be completely new to him. The reason is really for the purpose of respecting its owner’s preferences. I recall a conversation I had with the owner who said to me with a smirk, “This is the only Ed Calma with a tiled traditional roof”, and I believe that statement still holds true until today, almost 20 years later.

An architect needs to listen to his client’s wishes and build them into the design. This work is a clear testament at how easy Calma is to work with, showing what a master he truly is. Like they say in art or music, before you do something modern or avant garde, first master the classics. This is exactly that. Ed Calma’s classic lines can rival any world leader in classical architecture and that is something to be proud of, especially coming from a hard core modernist.

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