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Crown Plaza Hotel in Pasig, built 15 years ago, had its interiors done by the popular designers, Sungsung and Periquet. This Makati-based design team is known for their modern classic silhouette and is highly sought after in the hospitality sector.

This hotel keeps to a simple color palette of earth tones, set within a controlled design style, devoid of excessive ornamentation. The interior surfaces are clad in exquisite materials. Rich woods, shiny metals and stone of many varieties. The floors are in Crema Marfil from Spain, elevator architraves in Emperador brown marble. The walls are in the Kaufman exclusive sandstone called Figaro and Thames.

The former has a peach beige color tone with a powder-like fine grain texture. The material looks like cotton fabric in grain structure. Thames, the other stone used on the left of the main entrance has a more earthy appearance. The color is like brown paper and coffee in a wood-like vein pattern. I selected this particular stone for the Philippine market because of its uncanny resemblance to Australian sandstone, like that used in the Eugenio Lopez Center at ABS-CBN. The main difference is price. The Kaufman alternative is a third of the price of the original.

Kaufman appreciates our clientele’s desire for quality and beauty, yet they demand to get value for money. A lot of people ask if our prices are competitive because they think Chinese suppliers with insalubrious offices along Balintawak are cheaper.

I have one thing to say about that theory. A company cannot have grown and thrived for 24 years by being uncompetitive. That would be impossible! In short, we have ways of getting prices that are way below the competition while still giving first quality.

In all my years of business, to my knowledge, we are the only firm that partners with its clients to help find unbelievably low prices. We share our industry insider know-how in our market. By following our advice, gained from a quarter century of continuous service to the Philippine market, our clients enjoy tremendous advantages.

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