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When specifying material for an exterior application, often, the vision is to create a rustic effect to capture the feeling of being in nature. Nothing does the task better than sandstone.

This Kaufman material also takes it one step further. Not only does the material have all the richness of Figaro sandstone, this client requested a customized chiselled finish, reminiscent of the previous cladding we did for Shangrila Heat Cafe. The client had seen that hand chiselled material but wanted it in a wood vein pattern. This was not a problem. Actually, we are able to produce the chiselled finish on any of our materials. Most often, people pick gray, black, beige or wood vein.

So don’t just design. Be an experienced creator and dare to feel. This is a big part of that experience. Johann von Goethe, German writer and statesman, expressed it so succinctly, “Architecture is frozen music”. Design should not end at skin deep visuals. Produce a multi-sensory narrative that unfolds, relieving memorable and soul enriching moments to treasure. Don’t just aim to be an architect. Be a story teller…. a composer… Your language is not just words, but stone, wood and glass.

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