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These dogs belong to a client in a house by Architect Ed Calma that used Kaufman Slate decades ago. The owner became so close to us over the years so that they are like family. I am sure they are reminded of Kaufman every time they see the exotic black slate. The history of the stone became their own history. When I told them it came from an ancient mine that normally provided stone to Hindu temples that last 1000 years, the idea of permanence resonated with them.

In fact, they called the other day to get a few slate tiles. The price is still close to what they paid, and is still in stock as we never phased it out. I am sure they can’t believe it still matches after 21 years!

Kaufman takes the concept of customer relations to the extreme. Most of our clients built their houses when their children were still young. Kaufman watched them grow up and become stone lovers themselves. We have observed that the love of stone is like DNA, passing from one generation to the next. When the kids become adults, having grown up around stone and the experience of its long lasting nature first hand, this belief system becomes cemented in their psyche. They embrace Kaufman’s philsophy that stone architecture must be permanent and last a lifetime.

In fact, several lifetimes. Kaufman Stone does not sell stone, we discover our future family. When we lay down our stone, a close bond develops between ourselves and our customers that lasts for a very long time. When your business is in a product that lasts a lifetime, you never really lose your clients.

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