limestone and hardwood planks

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This house designed by Architect Alfredo Wieneke and built by Bong Gonzales of Conmech is a symphony in stone and wood. The exterior uses slabs of 120x60cm black slate and floors are in 120x240cm Limestone and rare hardwood planks.

The owner is a leading carpet importer who has branches in every major mall, supplying important hotels. You would have thought the house would have his product everywhere but it doesn’t. When I asked him why his house is all Ibiza limestone, I got the answer. It is because the stone is known to be low maintenance. People normally associate limestone with porosity, which is expected to lead to difficulty in maintenance. This particular stone discovered by Kaufman, however, is particularly dense and hard. As such, it equates to lower water absorption and ease of use. These superior technical characteristics convinced us that it was suitable for daily use, even in high traffic areas.

This owner has since moved to a newer and larger home in an even more prestigious, gated village, but the original house still exists. It still looks the same as the day it was created over 14 years ago. The house, no doubt, is worth 4 times more than what he had paid, not only because of the appreciation of land value but also because of the noble and rare materials used.

Kaufman stone is a good investment. Your primary asset which is your home actually grows in value. This, as opposed to a house fitted with tiles and PVC. When you are ready to step up the property ladder, unless you have used natural materials like stone and wood, you will have to spend again, because your China DIY materials and synthetics will have broken and be looking dated after 5 to 10 years’ time.

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