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This sea side villa fitted with Ivory Limestone was turned over a decade and a half ago. I still recall the project vividly. The house was so large that everything that was required for its finish was in the hundreds of square meters. One might think that large mega mansions come with mega budgets. On the contrary. The bigger the house, the larger the volume per item. As a result, the budgets are more tightly controlled, which is where our company excels.

Kaufman’s direct access to quarries gives end users the unique chance to enjoy unbelievably low prices; much lower, even than buying from China. Yes, you are reading this correctly. Even lower than China.
It is this unique edge that has made Kaufman Inc the go to company for specialist projects needing prices way below market price. We have been giving our select clientele these attactive prices since our inception over two decades ago.

At the time when this house was built, all that was available from competitors was Italian tiles which, by now, would have been dated, cracked, or certainly missing some pieces. In fact, the client called me the other day saying they need 5m2 extra limestone. If these were tiles needing replacement, there would be a “zero“ chance to get replacements. On the other hand, with Kaufman, supplying Limestone replacements is not a problem at all.

Meanwhile, back to the view. A million dollars may not even be enough for this view for it really is priceless.

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