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Being a staunch stone specialist, going into the ceramic world was unheard of for all the numerous reasons which I normally present to you. Reasons such as my belief that architecture must be permanent and lasting. The use of tiles is the very antithesis of durabilty since the new breed of China and European tiles are prone to breaking and second finding replacement to extend the lifespan is impossible since tiles always get phased out

That was, until I discovered this bespoke tile company that manufactures heritage tiles in the old fashioned way. This tile atelier, unlike all the mega China factories as big as shopping malls, glazes the ceramic bisque by hand and keeps their production tradition alive by deliberate choice. This old world, family run tile company glazes all tiles by an artisan. The idea of a human touch appeals to me. I like the idea that this tile was specifically made for me. In fact, if you want a logo or family name pressed into it this is possible. Believe it of not I have tiles with Kaufman written on it.

Most of the Philippine pool tile market comes to us for these bespoke tiles. Everybody knows we can get replacements even after 10years and this gives clients a sense of security. If you need an extra batch, we can glaze it for you based on your sample. Try that in China. They will not entertain you unless your order is 5000m2. We help our customers preserve their homes by always making sure every Kaufman product can be replaced or maintained. Preserving Kaufman creations is a core principle for our company. At the end of the day, this is how we do our part to conserve and protect the environment. If we all keep consuming, our energy consumption will destroy our planet. Preserve architecture to save the earth.

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