ami travertine perimeter fence

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The Greenmeadow Village project used Ami travertine for its perimeter fence in an unconventional way. Most other fences are solid cement with a decorative stone material applied on the surface, either in solid panels or strips in the manner Antonio and Locsin untilize the linear pattern.

This case puts a twist on a tired and tested classic. In this scenario, the stone is cut into fine strips, 2 to 3 inches wide, then arrayed in the traditional linear manner. But in this instance, opening the width of the strips are randomly introduced to the composition to produce a visual effect of appearing lithe, as though floating. This design element has a secondary purpose of allowing air flow, as the solid wall is broken up by the slits.

This novel wall solution is the first of its kind I have seen in the Philippines. This makes our Company proud. Given the fact that this project is over 15 years old, I would dare to say, the design is advanced for the period it was created.

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