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Stone Stories: Onglao’s Pyramids Leave a comment

Having had the privilege to work with Architect Conrad Onglao on many notable residential projects, I began to notice a stylistic trend emerging. In every project we were involved in with the design icon, I noted elements of step pyramids like the Dyoser in Saqqara Egypt.

In all the step Pyramids we created for Onglao, we noted that all his proportions were so clean. His step and riser were always devoid of ornamentation. His lines were pure and sculptural, giving them their timeless appeal.

Working with masters like Onglao is an honor. Learning from projects led by one with such a great mind, I am convinced, makes us better in our craft.

This intimate collaboration to achieve his design vision gives us a window into his illustrious career. We have vicariously experienced his design journey, gaining a wealth of knowledge from the period spent in the United States honing his design skills.

Design leaders like Onglao, generously practise their art without knowing they are indirectly passing on their genius to people who work under them.

What we earn monetarily is nothing compared to the wisdom gained from supplying and installing stone for Architects like Conrad Onglao.

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