yellow sandstone

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India is a country that can cause sensory overload. All my visits there have been to experience a continuous stream of vibrant colors, smells and sounds unlike anywhere on earth. From their God-given resources to the artistic creations, India is incredibly blessed with abundance.

In terms of natural stone, the colors are unbelievable. They almost seem artificial. They range from bright red, violet and yellow sandstone, to dozens of colorful slates. This cacophony in stone colors has found its way into their architecture in every possible way.

This recent photo was sent to me by the client (in the business of handcrafts, jewelry and home accessories) who wanted a classic home with warmth and texture. Most of the homes of the era were in beige and gray, looking very much alike. She wanted something different. Being a frequent traveler to exotic destinations, she wanted an eclectic home that would be a perfect backdrop for her beautiful collection of objects from her travels.

Kaufman suggested yellow sandstone from Rajistan, as we perceived it would be a color that captured the essence of India in stone form. In our assessment, deep yellow, being a color of spice, would be the perfect choice. We felt it would inject a certain warmth that could be felt throughout the space.

It has been almost two decades since we completed the house, and we have remained close friends. It pleases me to see how our stone has been with her family for many years, not giving any problems, and still looking beautiful.

Kaufman’s aim is not merely to create visually attractive architecture for our customers. Our wish is much more than that. It is that our creations will be a long-lasting investment, serving several generations happily, and well

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