teakwood sandstone

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This house expertly marries sandstone, slate and white surfaces to form a sculptural composition reminiscent of the work of Bauhaus artist, Piet Mondrian. He is well known for his use of primary colors and empty cubes. Interlocking to form a beautiful painting, it was very advanced, given the art work is almost a hundred years old. The soul of the painting is felt in this house, but the primary colored paint is swapped with textural stone, glass and white geometry.

Kaufman Teakwood sandstone is counter-balanced with a dark tone slate in a rough finish, producing a natural harmony of wood veins and dark brown bark. The feel that the material combination produces is one of warmth. It takes away the hard edge of modernism which can be cold and unwelcoming at times.
The wood and bark color tones remind one of the country side, welcoming the home owner with its warm embrace. This was in stark contrast to the location of the house, which is just a few steps away from the hustle and bustle of major city center and highway.

This house used the Kaufman material almost 20 years ago. We are so happy our stone has been part of this family home for close to two decades. Everytime I see the house I am filled with joy.

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