ivory limestone

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This interior by Architect Ed Calma dates back to early 2000. Actually, it is his first project in Forbes Park. The project had many firsts. For instance, the onyx exterior wall, and this interior floor in Kaufman Ivory limestone is certainly a country first.

This floor is dead flat. It has absolutely no reflection, which is completely different from the common place polish finish marble floors uses by almost all the neighbors. This materials differs quite significantly. A matt stone like limestone absorbs the available sunlight just like how a white sheet of paper does. The luminosity is amazing. Even without switching on electric lights, the sun is drawn into the house. This photo does not have a single lights on, and it is still very bright.

Ivory limestone normally cost a lot of money in slabs form. After cutting and wastage, the cost increases by another 30% to 50% due to the wastage factor. In order to help the owner save, I suggested we cut the stone in the foreign factory to lower the cost to the levels they were targeting.

Im happy when my clients can get the stone they aspire for at prices that are budget friendly. We always preempt the customer to look for well priced alternatives, because from my quarter century in the trade, I know sources that are way bellow market price.

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