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Let us note the shipment for the only large scale government project in Travertine since the 1968 CCP by Architect Leandro Locsin.

Because of my quarry links, I was able to bring down the price by almost 50 percent lower than those of my Chinese and Balintawak competitors. When I showed the government contractor the 40x80x2cm used by Arch. Ed Ledesma in a Forbes Park residence, they were immediately “sold“ on the idea.

I calculated the value of the stone is less than 1% of the project cost. The facade is the face of an edifice. This is the aspect that will aesthetically, either make or break the project. Incredibly, it is so little money to give beauty to the people. I hope more projects will use such beautiful material.

Architect Ledesma’s work has inspired countless projects following his ground breaking projects. His influence and vision continues, even if he is not with the project directly.

I am so happy that this monumental project will break the 53 year Travertine drought since Locsin used it during the Marcos era. Kaufman Inc is not only solely concerned with profit and loss, but how we can direct our efforts to beautify our beloved county.

Let us all try to be a source of beauty and inspiration.

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