Kaufman Crystal White

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This clean and minimalist space created 15 years ago by famed interior designer J. Anton Mendoza is a perfect example of a paired down interior for a restaurant that is confident in its food.

Most Thai restaurants feel they need to over style their interior with Thai elements to create the illusion of being in Thailand. People’s Palace takes the exact opposite approach. Mendoza gracefully takes the space into the territory of zen minimalism, where the mood is more serene and introspective. This allows the diners to focus on the authenticity of the food, rather than the riot of colors normally associated with Thai restaurant design.

The space absolutely succeeds in delivering the desired result. The space was fitted out with Kaufman Black Slate and Kaufman Crystal, White over a decade and a half ago. I deduce that because of the beautiful interior and exquisite choice of finishes combined with world class cuisine, the restaurant has remained the most popular Thai restaurant in town since it opened. I believe that it remains so.

A restaurant interior is not just a space where people eat. Interior is theater. When the occupants feel special, the establishment will succeed. Congratulations to the Architect J Anton Mendoza for uplifting our city by creating another timeless classic.

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