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Tyler, known for its monochromatic color scheme, was viewed as the Comme des Garçon of the Philippines. The fashion brand specialized in impeccably made androgynous pieces that were simple yet edgy. They took classics and added a bit of whimsy, and the market loved their creations. The boutiques were designed by Anton R. Mendoza of Arm Design, who is known for his timeless creations.

Every space he was involved in always used stone. The Glorieta Makati shop used Kaufman Ivory limestone strips cut into 1 inch thick shards, and the floor was Kaufman black slate in 60x60cm sized tiles.

Mendoza’s adherence to his mission to further the use of natural materials guaranteed that his interiors transcended trends. His spaces were trend-free. The look never got dated. The interior would be relevant for years into the future which any owner would surely appreciate. Because, if a space does not go out of style, that equates to savings. As we all know, no matter how rich and famous a person is, they always appreciate savings. In fact the irony is, the more successful the person is, the greater their propensity to save.

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