Cement Sandstone

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Early in 2000, Kaufman Stone first supplied fine grain Quarella terrazzo to Essences by Rustan’s in Glorietta. The space was a clean and minimal composition with refined features. The space was spartan, with exquisite details that only celebrated designers Maja and Sonia Olivares could create.

Then the retail space was renovated again with a new look. This time, by famed designer Anton R. Mendoza of Arm Design. In this concept, the space was all Kaufman Fulma gray sandstone, which looked like plain gray cement.

In this case, a single material was used all throughout to achieve a look that I could only be described as having the appearance of a solid stone Egyptian temple.

This, somewhat, was the design direction in early 2000. Most international designers were leaning towards this look. In fact, Giorgio Armani by Claudio Silvestrin, IM Pei for his Islamic Museum in Qatar, and the Louvre in Paris also had stone spaces like I have just described. 

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