Crystal White

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Architect Jason Buensalido is known for his exuberant use of colors. When most of his contemporaries have abandoned color in place of the monochromatic, Jason had embraced it.

In this early work by Buensalido, he showed that he was comfortable creating in just a single color; a proof of his architectural dexterity. In this space, Kaufman Crystal White was used for the floors, to achieve his envisioned monastic composition. Though in a single color, this work, absolutely, was not boring. When I first experienced the space, I was transported to another place and time. Lesser creators might have fallen into a trap of producing a clinical feel. Not Jason, who created a portal that magically freed the mind. The space became a blank canvas. A true “Tabula Rasa”. That took skill.

This material, first developed in Japan in the 1990s, had swept the world and became the material “de jure” for all white surfacing applications that needed to be pure white, zero porosity and absolutely stain proof. Marble, generally, is not used for wet areas like kitchen counters, so Crystal White became the material of choice for this application.

The material has some unique properties that normal stone slabs do not. This stone can be bent when heated, which allows it to be used for circular column cladding, making it popular for airports and buildings with circular column concepts.

You might actually find this material to be familiar. It will not come as a surprise because it is currently being used in all the Chanel boutiques worldwide. For the last two decades at least, it has been the material used for the boutiques’ floors and walls. Having said that, I find Crystal White a classic which will never go out of style. Obviously, Chanel agrees with my opinion. Maybe you are ready for it. Give Kaufman’s Crystal White a try. Last but not least, it costs less than normal marble, which, I am sure, will be appreciated in these trying times.

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