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This black house clad in massive slabs of slate is a work I am particularly proud of. Installed on the exterior walls in an alternating hollow block pattern is the largest natural black slate featured as a wall facade. Each 4cm slab weighs over 160lbs each. Fitting such slab with just cement was not an option. To make sure the stone would stand the test of time, the slate was installed like modern high-rises, which use stainless steel brackets. By using this dry installation system, the slates always stay dry. Thus, effervescence does not develop, which comes from the leaching of salt and lime, causing unsightly white water marks. As a result, our work is very black, unlike other examples that are plagued with white streaks.

This black modern bahay na bato was the first structure to have used black slate as its exterior and we are proud the house and stone still looks beautiful to this day.

Over a 20 year period, not a single slate panel has fallen off or cracked. We are gratified for the trust and support of the architect and contractor who took our advice to use mechanical brackets.

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