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This project in Quezon City, to coin a phrase, epitomizes natural modernism. In this beautiful home by Architects Nick and Maristes Magcase, the designers employ authentic and rare materials all throughout the exterior structure. On the walls are finely cut strip cladding which, no doubt, is a nod to the Locsin era, of ribbing rendered in cement, ubiquitous in the 1970s.

This work is not just for show. Most architects are content with stone veneers. These are 14mm to 17mm, then built up to appear thicker when needed, such as on counter tops edges and steps treads. Slabs are cut at a 45 degree angle on the corner to approximate a mitre, giving the impression of thickness. Not so for the Magcase architects. Their work demand substance, as you can see in this photo of the entrance stairs. The Kaufman travertine slab is 5 to 6cm which allows the slab to cantilever off the cement base, giving the illusion of floating.

To some architects, the look is not enough. It has to have weight and be done correctly because they want their work to last.

You know as well as I, when porcelain tiles start popping out of the floor and falling from the wall, you will blame everybody except yourself. You tried a short cut or a cheap fix, now its coming back to haunt you and you can’t accept it.

With short cuts you save now for sure. I promise you, however, that you will spend again to repair all your bad decisions. Solid travertine is tried and tested. This will never break or chip for the next 10 generations. Stone is forever.

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