teakwood sandstone

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Kaufman teakwood sandstone was used by famed Architect Conrad Onglao to clad all the surfaces in this 23 year old modern Thai home.

To use the type of stone so extensively was unheard of at the time. This was the largest contract for this specific material until Rockwell began using it in their developments in the mid 2000.

This structure may look special now, but in reality, it was just a humble pump room for the swimming pool. Since the machinery could not be moved elsewhere, the problem was what to do with the awful looking box. Then a light bulb moment: How about, instead of a poor excuse, make it into a feature? With that change of mindset, something that was an eyesore became the impetus to create this beautiful structure.

Design, like in life means, that a problem can be turned into an opportunity to create. Without that ugly pump, the architect would not have been forced to turn an obstacle into this beautiful sandstone feature.

We should be thankful for our problems, and look at each one we are faced with as an opportunity to innovate.

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