Kaufman Figaro Sandstone

SandStone Stories #1: If heaven had a stairway Leave a comment

This stairway in Kaufman Figaro Sandstone draws the eye in. It is such a rare sight to see a non-beige tiled staircase, that when you see one in Sandstone, it is memorable.

This home located in the south, prioritizes its outdoor area. Given the beautiful weather, who would not spend as much time as humanly possible in the open area? That means, greater priority was placed on the pool, garden and patio areas.

The large pool, situated directly at the back of the home is surrounded in specially treated natural sandstone slabs as big as a small car. Each slab was maximized in size and installed in the biggest possible dimension, so that the dramatic vein pattern could be appreciated when viewing the pool area from the second floor window of the house. The stone continues down the staircase, down to the lower base of the home, to form an accent wall in the font.

This home is pushing 20 years old and still looks contemporary today. I believe materials make a house. You cannot, however, create timeless design without the correct material choice. When making your selection, just ask yourself: Is this material a trend, or will it still look good in 20 years’ time?

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