Anthony Nazareno

Anthony Nazareno – Stone and the Masters Series

Anthony Nazareno is adamant that, while some budgets may have to be lowered in the present climate of the new economic reality, standards should not!

In his view, innovative responses and creative solutions to the new challenges brought on by the pandemic, are likewise under consideration by others in the architecture and design industry. These will address the heightened concern for the health and well-being of building users.

Stone, unique and versatile, features extensively in Anthony Nazareno’s outdoors, indoors and even furniture designs because “it can evoke emotion differently, just by changing the type of stone” through its texture and finish. “It adds an element of depth and connection to a structure or a space that other materials cannot provide.”

He does not discriminate between locally-sourced or imported materials. He and his team have used Italian quarried stone, local sedimentary stone Adobe, Aaral (slate) and the Piedra Filipina in mosaic walls.

His understanding of the different properties and characteristics of stone allows him to view the appropriateness and suitability of each one according to the given circumstance, because “Not every stone suits all projects.”