Alex Co

Alex Co – Stone and the Masters Series

ALEX CO has observed there has been a deeper appreciation of our living spaces during the lockdown. Homes, fully functioning, are now viewed also as an office, a school and leisure center, with all areas serving its residents to the maximum.

Show kitchens are no longer just for display. Gardens and and pool areas have become essential to get out in the open air. Home owners, have had a prolonged time to focus on what else is required. Thought has to be given to accommodate changes to our routines and practices. For example, a sanitary area has to be provided for to receive and to store deliveries from the outside. This is just one of such changes which has to be considered, to make the home more practical, more useful, more comfortable and safe.

Stone, natural and beautiful, if given the chance, will always feature in Architect Alex Co’s projects. He admires and is inspired by the texture, color and randomness of stone which give his designs “timeless character”.

He strongly feels that, despite the cost, there will be more stone used in middle to high-end projects. Simply put, its beauty and tactile feel will give end users many years of appreciation and fulfilment.